Katie Novell is a commercial and conceptual photographer based in Reading and London. Having just graduated from the University of Portsmouth, she achieved a 1st in BA (Hons) Photography. 

Typically, her personal practice is contemporary and conceptual. As an artist, Katie is particularly interested in the relationship between commercial aesthetics and notions of truth. By considering these conventions of the photographic image, the majority of her projects comment on photography itself.  

Alongside Katie's personal work, she specialises in fashion photography. The works featured are projects that have been worked on in collaboration with fashion designers and creatives, to achieve the envisioned idea for their final pieces


Katie has assisted a range of different photographers including jewelry, product and commercial, as well as working for the Press. Alongside this, she has contributed to the promotion and setting up of pop up and virtual exhibitions of her work, with 'Image Bank' being selected for The Platform Graduate Award 2020. 


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